Criminal Defense Lawyer in Delhi

Advocate Deepak Jakhar is one of the best criminal defense lawyer in Delhi who is a passionate, aggressive criminal lawyer. He is accustomed to success and has been successfully defending people with serious crime accusation like murder, rape, kidnapping etc. for more than a decade in Delhi and surrounding areas. He enjoys good reputations and recognition amongst lawyers in Dwarka

Deepak has been practicing lawyer in Delhi High Court and all District Courts in Delhi, he has offices in and around Dwarka District Courts.

Experience as Criminal defense Lawyer

He is an experienced criminal lawyer in Delhi for cases like murder, outraging the modesty of women,  Kidnapping, extortion, dacoity, drug possession, economic offence and cyber crimes for last more than a decade. Advocate Deepak Jakhar is also heading a team of best lawyers in Delhi handling all type of cases be it property matter, family matters or any other legal matter.


Advocate Deepak Jakhar Delhi is a dynamic professional with in-depth knowledge of law. He has a large satisfied clients base. Specialized in leading and rebutting evidence in criminal and civil trials. He has a Degree in Law from Delhi University, Diploma in Cyber Law from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. After his degree in, he has done masters of Business Administration PG degree. He has studied international business with informal education in human psychology, science and technology.

What makes him different

Due to his vast and diversified experience and education in different subject areas and in Depth knowledge of laws, legal procedures and court antiquates, he is capable of solving complex problems and dig root cause of the issues. fully aware of the structure, culture and procedures of the legal profession. Having a good understanding of how to build relationships with clients and to provide appropriate and effective legal advice and services to them.

Location of Advocate Deepak Jakhar

With office Located in Dwarka, New Delhi, Advocate Deepak Jakhar is currently practicing in Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and all District Courts in Delhi.

Other practice Areas

Major Practices area includes Criminal defense, including Bail, anticipatory bail and trial, Cyber crimes and online frauds, Civil cases, Divorce and family disputes, Property Disputes, Service matters, Intellectual property rights (copyright, patent, trademarks, GI marks etc.), Custom, Tax (GST) cases, appeals and writs.
Office is located near Vegas Mall, Dwarka Sector 13, New Delhi.

New to term Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Read on to know what a Defense lawyer does for you.


Facing a criminal case? Are you searching for a lawyer in Delhi? then you will want to know what a criminal lawyer does? This sort of lawyer is somebody who works in criminal law and can defend you in court assuming you are having to deal with penalties and punishment. Such Lawyer can give legal help and legal assistance, and act to protect your Rights during the Trial. Thus, assuming you want portrayal for an extraordinary criminal offense, you really want somebody that grasps the law. You want a criminal defense lawyer.

Its hard to sum up all that Delhi criminal lawyer do in the execution of their obligations, yet any reasonable person would agree that he would work to obtain the best outcomes for their clients. A Criminal lawyer work to guarantee that he secure your freedoms.

The main concern of a defense lawyer

The main concern for a criminal lawyer in Delhi ought to constantly be the wellbeing of their clients. An advocate ought to continuously give guidance that will assist their client with accomplishing the best outcomes in any criminal case whether it is a rape or a murder case. A Lawyer ought to painstakingly pay attention to their client’s guidelines and prompt clients when their assumptions are outlandish. Not all clients having to deal with criminal penalties figure out the mechanics of the criminal law. Not all clients grasp criminal court methodology and the confounded evidentiary principles. It requires persistence and time to clear up for clients how their case will continue through the criminal justice frameworks. The different choices that they have by the idea of the charges they are confronting and a portion of the contemplations and results that stream from their guidelines.

Clients want the best undertakings from their criminal lawyer with respect to criminal regulation matters. Ordinarily a law office managing in criminal protection will focus in on a singular branch of the law.

Clients desire the best endeavors from their criminal defense counsel in Delhi with regards to criminal law matters. Normally a law firm dealing in criminal defense in Delhi will zero in on a solitary region of the law. Clients want the best undertakings from their counsel with respect to criminal regulation matters. Ordinarily a law office managing in criminal defense will focus in on a singular branch of the law.

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Stages of Criminal Trial and role of Criminal defense Advocate

There are a few particular stages in the criminal trial. It begins with the Registration of FIR and subsequent arrest. You can opt for Pre-arrest bail (Anticipatory bail) in case of Non-bailable offences. Once police arrest you, then you will require regular bail. This is pre-trial stage. You criminal defense lawyer will evaluate your case. He will hold meetings with clients, the investigating officer (IO) and Court that would try criminal case.

After police completes it’s investigation, they will file charge-sheet before the trial court. On the basis of prima facie evidences collected in the charge-sheet the trial court may discharge a person or frame the charges for the trial. One the trial begin, the lengthy and tedious process of examining and cross examining of witnesses begins. Only an expert criminal lawyer can elicit or bring out favorable facts form the mouth of witnesses while he is cross examining the witness during Cross-examination. At each stage after FIR, you criminal defense lawyer in Delhi will actively participate until the court decides the matter. Offering legal guidance and gliding his client through the extensive criminal trial.

During the whole process criminal lawyers will observe , co-ordinate with police, Courts. They will audit the police investigation and direct their own examinations . Talk with witnesses and set them up for trial. They will draft legal contention in anticipation of trial . At last criminal lawyers will lead trials under the steady gaze of Court and prosecution.

FIR, POLICE INVESTIGATION, ARREST and BAIL: Active role of a Criminal Defense attorney in Delhi

Subsequent to registration of FIR under cognizable offences, an individual is examined by police. It tends to be a terrifying experience without a criminal defense lawyer at your side. The officials conducting the investigation, whether its a murder case or a rape, are endeavoring to gather proof (Facts and statements to police is proof) and construct a criminal case to frame charges. Simultaneously an arrested person has fundamental and constitutional Rights that safeguard them from the torture and illegal strategies adopted by police to coerce to confess committing of offence. A criminal defense lawyer will actually want to help an individual being investigated to safeguard their constitutional and fundamental rights and give them a few vital choices on the most proficient method to manage police.

protection of your constitutional rights by Criminal defense Lawyer

Criminal defense attorney know how police endeavor to dodge your privileges and break assurances you have under the Indian constitution and other Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). The strategies that they use to acquire a Confession or statements that can be used in court. A Criminal Lawyer right off the bat in a police examination can have the effect in the result of a trial, or keep charges from being framed. A solid criminal safeguard laid out from the get-go in the process will help later in the event that criminal charges are laid.

Frequently the best advise that a law firm or criminal defense lawyers in Delhi would give to their clients is to stay quiet, as everyone has a fundamental right to not to speak anything which would expose him to criminal cases. This is in many cases significantly more troublesome than it shows up. Clients frequently need to seem agreeable with police, frequently don’t wish to alienate the police by being troublesome of fierce. Be that as it may, there are political manners by which charged people can partake in their freedoms to stay quiet and be helpful.

Advocate role in Delhi: in Bail in Bailable and Non-Bailable offences

Whenever you have been accused of a crime the police may chose release you on bail (in case if it is Bailable offence). The bail may be granted by police on a Promise to Appear with conditions that whenever you are required for the investigation, you will appear before the Investigating officer OR the Court. They may ask you to update about about any change of address. Such release will be on the condition of surety. On the other hand in the event that the charges are more significant, for example, a Murder or rape, you might be taken into custody unless the Court of competent jurisdiction grants you the bail. Under the criminal law an arrested person must be produce before the concerned Court within 24 Hours. You will probably require a criminal defense lawyer in Delhi to seek bail from the Court and help you to get release

Criminal defense lawyers know that “simply getting bail” is not adequate in many cases. Contingent upon the charges an individual can remain on bail for a long time until the trial concluded and some of the Bail conditions can be extremely oppressive. Securing bail with reasonable condition is significant in most criminal cases.

THE PRE-TRIAL STAGE & Help by Criminal Lawyer in Delhi
The pre-trial stage is where your criminal lawyer in Delhi does a significant part of the work on your case. They will survey your divulgence, meet with the Crown and endeavor to give you the most ideal choices pushing ahead.

Assessment of your case by an Expert Criminal Lawyer

Your Delhi criminal lawyer begins an evaluation of your case, the law, your own conditions to get a superior image of your matter. They survey the revelation and evaluate the proof against you and evaluate conceivable legal protection available. This implies scrutinizing the police Investigation, evaluating for constitutional infringement. Evaluating the witnesses explanations and other proof, for example, CCTV footage or scene photos. Investigating measurable proof and talking with experts.

Criminal lawyers can shape and impact the result of a matter in how capably they lead their case.

Trial and Client Preparation

Preparation of the case by the defense counsel

Ahead of the trial date, a Criminal Lawyer in Delhi will prepare your case defense. He will carefully peruse the charge sheet filed against you and the evidences collected in the police investigation. He may seek case diary. Research the law and begin drafting their initial arguments, areas of defense and relevant case laws. Quite a bit of this work is led by Delhi Criminal Lawyer their workplaces from clients.

At last, criminal lawyers in Delhi will invest time and energy for setting up defense of their clients going through a trial. This is where the lawyer’s courtroom experience will most help the client. Probably a criminal lawyer will have spent numerous hours in court understanding the nature of evidence which court appreciate in deciding a case.