Fortunately, most criminal defense Lawyers offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients. By taking advantage a free consultation, you can take the time to find out how an attorney’s knowledge and experience will be most beneficial to your case. The following information will be beneficial if known, will help you choose the right lawyer for your particular case:

  • the number of years in criminal practice: Since criminal law is constantly evolving, you need a Lawyer who has a great deal of experience handling criminal cases and stays up-to-date on the law and criminal defense strategies.
  • Actual criminal defense: Some attorneys refer to themselves as criminal defense lawyers yet only handle a few criminal cases each year. You should look for someone who devotes all or the majority of their practice to criminal defense.
  • Number of trials handled? In almost all criminal cases, a trial is necessary. If this is the reality for your case, you’ll want to ensure the lawyer you hire is experienced with trials.
  • case & defense plans: It’s crucial for you to gain an understanding of how the lawyer plans to conquer your case. Find out how they will investigate your case and what possible outcomes you can expect.
  • Are you a local lawyer? Local attorneys are most familiar with local judges, prosecutors, and police. They are more likely to negotiate a favorable plea agreement or manage a local trial well.
  • who will be managing your case? At some law firms, especially larger ones, senior lawyers will provide the consultation and pass your case on to a junior, less-experienced associate.
  • About the Fee: You should choose an lawyer that is bold, honest and direct about their pricing structure and how much you will owe. Be sure to hire a lawyer who is the most qualified to handle your case rather than the one that is the least expensive.