Cyber Defence: Avoid becoming the Victim of Cyber-Criminal Activities

Today, we live in cyber world in which our each activity personal/professional greatly depend on digital/electronic device and internet. No doubt, technology has made our life easy but sometimes use of technology leads to the worst in the form of high monetary loss, confidential data theft, identity theft etc. With the growing technology, the cyber-criminal activities are growing exponentially. Therefore, the secure use of technology is highly important.

Proactive measures to avoid becoming the victim of cyber crime

  • Firewall Settings: Activate firewalls to block connections to unknown sites to keep the system secure from various hackers/fraudsters.
  • Installation of licensed Anti-Virus: Prevents system from installing the unwanted viruses. Crack/Free Antivirus may result in installation of malware into your system.
  • Regular Update of OS and Antivirus
  • Security settings for social media accounts: It should be set as private.
  • Use of verified/trusted Apps: Smart phones are very vulnerable, use only secure or verified Apps.
  • Data Encryption: Keep your data in encrypted form to protect from hackers/fraudsters.
  • Wi-Fi Router Settings: Keep your internet network secure by applying appropriate settings to the router.
  • E-identity protection: Don’t provide your personal information and login credentials over the unsecure sites.
  • Don’t click on unknown link received via Text/Email.
  • Don’t download the Email attachments received from unknown source.
  • Don’t download or install crack/pirated software, this may result into installation of malware (ramsomware, spyware, etc.) into your device.
  • Use strong passwords: Don’t repeat your passwords on different sites. Use different passwords for different login sites. Make passwords complex. Store passwords in encrypted manner.

Use of little precautions and common sense can keep you and your data secure from cyber criminals. Following above proactive measures, you are helping to fight against cyber-crime.

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