Counterfeit GOVT. Site FRAUDS
Many phony site impersonating as Government sites offering many schemes through online interfaces like Ayushman Yojana, PM-Kishan Yojana, and so on, have been taken note. The fraudsters exploit these schemes and make comparable websites extending employment opportunities, financial benefits, subsidies, free gear, and so forth on the online interface. Through such fake offers, they instigate artless people into paying enlistment charges, examination fee, document verification fee, and so on.

Safety Precautions:

  1. At the point when, you find any site extending to government employment opportunities, financial benefits, subsidies, and so on and the idea of the site is beguilingly like Govt. websites, kindly check the accreditations of the site.
  2. You might contact the parent government division or Tweet to PIB Fact Check @PIBFactCheck with respect to verification of any government entrance.
  3. Keep in mind – websites having expansion as ‘.gov.in’ are real government websites. Different sites having expansion as ‘.in’ or ‘.organization’ and acting like government websites might be seen with doubt and their certifications might be checked prior to making any financial exchanges or sharing individual data.
  4. A site showing images of government, for example, ‘Áshoka’ or ‘Swachch Bharat’ need not imply that it is a government site. Utilize different techniques to check the certifications of the site.
  5. A veritable government site will have numerous cross-references on government sites, web-based entertainment posts, and so on, though a phony government website won’t be alluded to in other government entries.

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