In this kind of scam where the sender seeks help, by and large by an email, in the transfer of a significant amount of money,. Consequently, the sender offers a commission, usually a few million bucks. The scammers then demand that some money is required to pay off for a portion of the expenses related with the exchange. As soon as the money is transferred to scammers account, they will either disappear immediately or attempt to get more money with excuse of exchange of money is having issues in transfer.

In such matters the victims generally admits that they had gotten messages from obscure sources wherein they have been told that:

  • Possibly they have won a lottery, usually a very high amount of dollars; or
  • Their assistance is needed for moving of unlawful money from some unfamiliar Country; or
  • Merchandise are presented at expendable costs; or
  • At times, the Victims contact list in her messaging list is compromised and messages sent to all contacts from her ID requesting money to rescue her from a dangerous circumstance;

The victims are trapped in a staged way and are fooled to pay money installment an enormous measure of money either as money move expense, payment of duties or transportation cost.

The victims apparently gets a spam email and answer something very similar and wind up paying money to a few obscure people for a nonexistent reason.

Such violations are by and large completed from unfamiliar areas. Money is either saved in seaward accounts or in some transporter account in India.

Preventive Measures/Precautions

1. Have you gotten a SMS or email saying that you have scored an award in a sweepstakes? It’s a scam. Try not to answer

2. Never answer fake lottery winning related calls/SMS/Emails

3. Have you gotten a SMS or email about moving of money into your record? It’s a scam. Try not to answer

3. Have legitimate spam filters in your email account

3. Keep the thumb guideline : Never move assets to obscure people or substances fully expecting exceptional yields. This is never going to happen

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