How to secure your smart TV to protect your privacy

How to secure your smart TV to protect your privacy

In this digital world, we are continuously using digital electronics gadgets such as smart phone, smart watch, smart TV etc. But the question is, are these smart electronic devices secure? Smart phones or watches are usually connected with multiple networks and devices outside home; therefore, they can be compromised easily but what about smart TVs? Is it accurate to say that they are secure since they always remains connected with home network? Smart TVs are biggest threat to the user’s privacy, however, small precautions can save user from becoming a victim.

Proactive measures

  • First and foremost thing is to protect your user account.
    • Keep the credential of your user account strictly strong.
    • Don’t make any guest account.
  • Protect Your Router.
    • The majority of hacks on home networks are carried out through an unsecured router.
    • A secure home network will ruin most of the methods that hackers can use to access your smart TV.
  • Configure Your Smart TV’s Settings.
    • Focus on privacy settings.
    • Turn off data collection features.
    • Limit access of your TV as much as possible.
      • Don’t connect with multiple devices that don’t belong to you.
    • Disable Microphones and Cameras
      • If disable option is not available, tape up (black) camera and mic.
  • Install the Latest Updates
    • When connected to the Internet, there would likely be a firmware update waiting.
    • Install the updates. These updates typically include important security patches.

Smart TV manufacturers use software Samba Interactive {Samba TV (formerly Flingo), content recommendation engine and viewer tracking application designed} to track users viewing preferences.

  • Users were encouraged to activate the software during setup and users get special offers and show recommendations in return.
    • Once enabled, the software track everything displayed on the TV and also identify devices that shared the TV’s internet/Bluetooth connections.
    • Try not to activate or disable the software.

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